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In the fast-paced world of business, the ability to swiftly adapt to changing circumstances can be the deciding factor in success. Those who can rapidly capitalize on available opportunities often come out on top, particularly when time is of the essence. Indeed, in some cases, mere days can make all the difference when implementing a new business idea.

In the realm of international transactions, it may be necessary to urgently engage the services of a registered offshore company or a reputable EU or US-based firm. When time is of the essence and registration is not an option, the most viable solution is to acquire a pre-established offshore entity. Such a company, operating across various jurisdictions, can be the missing piece of the puzzle in a complex business scheme or a crucial component of a planned international deal.


Aged Shelf Companies

Here is a partial list of our corporations and aged shelf companies for sale. These corporation buying lists change without notice. All entities are in good standing, filling of tax returns and reinstatement.

List of ready made companies

Country Shelf company name Year of incorporation Estimated price Purchase
UK *** ******* Limited 2008 £49,000 Request proposal
Panama ******** SA 2018 US$31,720 Request proposal
UK ****** * ******* *** Limited 2009 £49,000 Request proposal
UK ****** * ******* ************ Limited 2009 £49,000 Request proposal
Estonia **/CC1 2016 €26,950 Request proposal
USA ****** *********** inc 2020 US$31,950 Request proposal
UK ******** ******** ltd 2010 £45,600 Request proposal
New Zealand *** *** Limited 2011 US$31,950 Request proposal
USA ****** *** LLC 2013 US$31,950 Request proposal
Belize ****** *********** inc. 2015 US$31,950 Request proposal
UK ********* limited 2012 £32,950 Request proposal
Belize ******* ***** ldc 2015 US$39,500 Request proposal
UK *********** limited 2015 US$31,950 Request proposal
Costa Rica ***** ************* SA 2017 US$31,720 Request proposal
USA ******* ********** *********, llc 2019 US$31,950 Request proposal
USA ****** ******** llc (nr) 2020 US$31,950 Request proposal
UK ******** limited 2016 US$31,950 Request proposal

How to buy a shelf company?

Tutorial on how to purchase a shelf company from Shelfcorp PLC in three simple steps

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Choose a Shelf Company

The first step is to browse the list of available shelf companies on Shelfcorp PLC's website and choose one that meets your business needs. You can search by company name, age, and industry. Once you find a suitable company, review the company information and make sure it meets your requirements.

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Contact Us

After selecting a shelf company, you should contact a Shelfcorp representative to confirm availability and pricing. You can do this by filling out a web form by clicking the "Request proposal" button, or by phone or email. During this step, you can also ask any questions you may have about the purchase process or the shelf company itself.

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Purchase the Shelf Company

Once you've confirmed the availability and pricing with Shelfcorp PLC, the final step is to purchase the shelf company. You will need to sign papers, provide documents, and pay the fees. After the purchase is complete, our lawyers will initiate the ownership transfer process of the shelf company to your name and provide you with all the necessary documentation.


Shelfcorp PLC is Your Trusted Partner

Investing in an offshore company can be a smart move, offering you not only asset protection and security but also a range of other benefits. With a ready-made offshore shelf company from Shelfcorp PLC, you can streamline your transactions, optimize your taxation, and increase your prestige in the eyes of your counterparts. Plus, our expert team of lawyers will guide you every step of the way, from registration to company transfer, and provide ongoing support, including accounting and nominee services.

We prioritize confidentiality and personal data protection, so you can trust us to handle your offshore needs with the utmost professionalism and discretion. With our extensive global experience, we are your go-to choice for top-quality assistance with re-registering your offshore company and all related services.

Get immidiate access to US market

Open the doors to the world's largest economy by acquiring a pre-existing American shelf company and start your business in the US today. Commence operations right away and reap the benefits of accessing the world's premier marketplace. The ownership transfer process is super quick, taking no more than 24-48 hours, with all electronic company documents promptly delivered to you.

USA Shelf Companies

Country Shelf company name Year of incorporation Estimated price Purchase
USA ***** ***** ******* *****, Inc. 2007 $1,400 Request proposal
USA ***** ******** ********, LLC 2004 $1,300 Request proposal
USA ** ****** ******, Inc. 2000 $1,300 Request proposal
USA ********* ***, LLC 2002 $1,310 Request proposal
USA ********* ********** Corporation 2010 $1,420 Request proposal
USA ***** ***********, Inc. 2013 $1,290 Request proposal
USA ********** ******* *******, LLC 2014 $1,455 Request proposal
USA ****** ******* ********, Inc. 2021 $1,270 Request proposal
USA ********** ************* Corporation 2015 $1,340 Request proposal
USA ******** ********* **********, LLC 2016 $1,480 Request proposal
USA ******* ********* Corporation 2023 $1,295 Request proposal
USA ***** **** ****** ********, LLC 2012 $1,240 Request proposal
USA ****** ******* ********, LLC 2018 $1,365 Request proposal
USA ********* ****** ********, Inc. 2019 $1,210 Request proposal
USA ******* ************, LLC 2020 $1,490 Request proposal
USA ****** **** ******* *****, Inc. 2014 $1,260 Request proposal
USA **** ****** *********, LLC 2023 $1,465 Request proposal

Corporate Solutions by Shelfcorp PLC

Shelfcorp is dedicated to delivering high-quality corporate solutions to individuals and companies seeking to enhance their business operations. Our comprehensive range of services includes the acquisition of aged shelf companies, offshore company formation, and expert corporate support across more than 50 jurisdictions worldwide.

With over a decade of experience in the field, Shelfcorp PLC is a trusted provider of world-class corporate services. Our mission is to help our clients grow and expand their businesses by offering professional, reliable, and innovative solutions tailored to their unique needs. Whether you're looking to establish an offshore presence, acquire an aged shelf company, or obtain expert corporate support, Shelfcorp PLC is here to help.

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Shelf Companies

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